Automatic Writing and Inspired Writing

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In this workshop course, you will learn not only what automatic writing is,
but also how to practice this very simple method of receiving messages
from the
 deceased or spiritual guides.

The experience of automatic writing that you will be living will allow you
to have access to a sane communication
with a deceased person in complete security.



In this workshop course, you will not only learn about inspired writing,
but you will experience its creative power.
This will help you access the inspiration that is already within you,
but that you sometimes have difficulty to be in contact with.

The experience of inspired writing will allow you to be more confident
in your own abilities and to be sure that what comes to you through
thought and intuition is from YOU!

It’s also a great course for anyone who wants to write an important book,
song, or text and can’t do it for lack of confidence or inspiration.



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