It’s time to be born


Author : Diane Boucher

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The world is constantly evolving and the speed with which it evolves, and transforms is constantly increasing. Through channels, Beings of Light (archangels and planetary teachers) through their wisdom and benevolence, wish to transmit information and lessons of great importance to help you in the major transition towards this New World that we often hear about.

Since she was born, Diane has been able to develop and refine the gifts of mediumship that have always been part of her life to benefit people. Thus, she has given herself the mission of transmitting her personal knowledge and experiences through the heavenly messages she receives; it is with much LOVE that she shares the contents of her channeling.

This New World is on our doorstep, so believe me, it is high time to wake up, raise our consciousness, regain our power and forget many limiting aspects of the education we have received as well as old beliefs which have slowed our evolution to this day.

I assure you, it is high time to be born.

It's time to be born / Diane Boucher

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