The Black Friday

From 22 to 30 november 2021.
You have access to:

  • At “Know Yourself”courses one and two
  • to the “Welcome to the Avenue of the Archangels” meditation

A value of $ 390 for only $ 130!

Upon confirmation of your purchase, you will receive a private link giving you access to the viewing of the 2 courses and the 9 meditations

(the PDF documents are included)


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KNOW YOURSELF - Part one & two

Part one

This course-workshop will allow you to:

Get to know yourself better in order to discover facets of you such as your strengths and weaknesses, in addition to making you recognize your enemies in order to let go of what is useless in your life and thus strengthen what is useful!


  • What is my nature?
  • Why was I born?
  • My psychic powers
  • How to propel my projects?
  • What is my vocation ?
  • Taking back my destiny in hand
  • Help myself with self-hypnosis
  • Anchoring to the Earth

You will be led to find your vital energy !


This course-workshop will allow you to:

Make visible the invisible by concretizing the long-awaited projects within you; to find back the divine being which lies dormant in you; and to discover your psychic powers to find your balance and to live your life consciously at every moment of the day.


  • Celestial anchoring
  • Full consciousness exercises
  • Consciously taking back my place in this world
  • Kundalini awakening

You will find your vital energy and you will finally vibrate happiness and the joy of life!

InBONUS get the wonderful meditation
“Welcome to the Archangel’s Avenue”

There are 9 meetings, an Archangel is presented and accompanies us in the meditation that Diane and Peter guide.

Since several of you are making similar requests, a kind of EGREGORE is formed, outside of space-time, so the RESULTS are VERY POWERFUL!

  • 1st video : dedicated to making REQUESTS TO MOTHER EARTH
  • The following 7 videos: you can make PERSONAL REQUESTS
  • 9th video: covers the UNIFICATION of all CHAKRAS and all ENERGY BODIES (physical, etheric, astral, etc.)

You have a PDF document to guide you for your requests.
Each of the meditations lasts about an hour.

At the end of each meditation, with the help of the BEINGS OF LIGHT accompanying us, we make an ANGELIC CIRCLE OF LIGHT which helps propel our requests into the Universe.


Diane and Peter have been offering these guided meditations to groups for over 15 years and IT REALLY WORKS!

Allow yourself a time of peace and love by letting yourself be lulled by the Archangels.

Accept and feel this LOVE.


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