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  • This album is composed in a rhythm of sixteen beats per minute to bring the brain into theta waves. Theta waves help us to reach the state of supraconsciousness in full consciousness.
  • They can also be used for deep meditation and hypnosis.
  • Theta waves can be a great help to cross the veil and bring us to visit our past lives and between two lives.
  • All of these experiences help reconnect us to our divine self or our soul.

(Not recommended while driving)

Four levels of consciousness

  • The beta state is the full awake conscious state.
  • The alpha state involves three levels of trance: light, medium and deep. The light trance is the one we experience during a meditation. The medium trance is experienced during normal hypnosis. The deep level of the alpha state allows us to recall memories of past lives in hypnosis or meditation.
  • The theta state is the level we reach before losing consciousness to fall asleep. In deep trance, the theta state allows us to discover the area of the superconscious mind that reveals our spiritual life between two lives on Earth.
  • The delta state is the last level of our deep sleep.

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