Welcome to the Archangel’s Avenue

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Know that while listening to the video meditations, you will receive the same energy of the Archangels than if you meditated with us in person.


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Each Archangel is linked to one of the CHAKRAS within you and wears its own RAY which is just waiting to be cherished.
Each has their strengths and qualities and asks nothing better than to FULFILL YOUR WISHES.

At each of our 9 meetings, an Archangel will be introduced to you and will accompany us in the meditation that I will guide. Since many of you will be making similar requests, a kind of EGREGORE will form, so the RESULTS will be MUCH MORE POWERFUL!

  • INTRO: General explanations on the requests made to the Archangels
  • 1th video : dedicated to making REQUESTS TO MOTHER EARTH
  • Following 7 videos: you will have the opportunity to make PERSONAL REQUESTS
  • 9th video : will focus on the UNIFICATION of all CHAKRAS and all ENERGY BODIES (physical, etheric, astral, etc.)

Each time, with the help of the BEINGS OF LIGHT who will accompany us, we will make an ANGELIC CIRCLE OF LIGHT that will help propel your requests into the Universe.

We will also receive a MESSAGE FROM THE ARCHANGEL!

Believe me, Diane and I have been offering these guided meditations to groups for over 15 years AND IT REALLY WORKS!

Come and taste this ANGELIC LOVEwhich has the power to awaken your consciousness!



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