SOS Light

Home purification service

Who are we?

SOS Light is a group of people united in a common desire first to serve. This group is composed of people with well-diversified talents.

The SOS Light team comprises of:

  • Spirit rescuers
  • A shaman
  • A medium
  • And two great communicators

This service is not-for-profit, but includes travel costs.

The primary purpose of Sos Light is to help the spirits become aware of their condition, to get rid of their sufferings by helping them to break the bonds that hold them and guide them to the world of light.

The process

After inspecting the premises, our approach is as follows; communication with the entities present is made. The intervention proceeds by purification with sage and ends with a passage of souls and the closing of the doors which allow contact between the parallel worlds.

The services offered

During the first telephone contact, a needs assessment is done, then a response plan is proposed.

After making an appointment with the client, the team comes to the scene with the necessary equipment. It is a camera, a K2 camera, a portable recorder and a mixture of sage, cedar and sweetgrass.

Important accuracy

The group SOS Light wishes to make it clear that it is in no way responsible for people’s fears and beliefs. Thus, following an intervention with a customer, the group can not guarantee that the places visited will, forever, be cleaned of any negative shadows. These shadows, called black shadows, are created by the residents of the places and can, therefore, be recreated constantly by these same people.

SOS Light looks forward to helping you.