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I listened to the “Lumière” and “Amour” CDs repeatedly during 3 hours of Parisian traffic jams and I felt enveloped by a ball of light all along; I never felt weakened or angry, but I was as protected from noise, aggression and a whole world disoriented, because I was focused myself…

There are human beings who have been able to transmit their perceptions to us, in all humility and generosity. May Peter be thanked for so much effort to all of us, for all the light this music gives us.

This music propels me into a world without heaviness or obstacles and delights my soul every time I go there. Thank you Peter!

Sophie, Paris (France)

I often meditate with your guided meditation albums, and my favorite is the album ” Née de la source and since then, incredible changes have occurred in me, through meditations: I feel more confident, I have better control over my thoughts and emotions and the cherry on the sundae… I manage to reach the so-called “alpha wave” state in all my sessions.

I am delighted to share with you this progression that would not have been possible without your meditation albums.

Thank you my friend Diane!

Bernard, St-Michel-de-Bellechasse (QC)