The Personalized music of Archangels is an approach that combines music and an energy transfer.

Purpose of the PMA

Increase your vibratory rate, to find your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This album is created from your vibration

Inspired by the Archangels;

  • Gabriel
  • Raphael

Your album lasts about thirty minutes.


When ordering you will have to make a choice among the list of the 12 themes offered …


1- Abundance
2- Love / Compassion / Faith ( what blocks )
3- Chakras
4- Cells
5- Communion with your divine spark
6- Communion with your angels
7- Communion with your spirit guides
8- Letting go ( the Flow )
9- Sleep
10- Past lives ( clearing of )
11- Yin Yang ( balancing )

12- Grounding

Here are some amazing testimonials

Healers are often the hardest people with whom to work. Typically, we are so busy healing others that we forget to heal ourselves. When Peter first approached me with the idea of creating a PMTA, I confess that I was a bit reluctant to bother him. It is so much easier for me to take care of other people. But, in his infinite wisdom, Peter insisted that I stop and take the time to work with him. Since receiving the PMTA, I have found that I am finally beginning to better balance my energies. No longer am I a complete workaholic. I still work long and hard –but I am doing a much better job of pacing myself and taking time out for me. Additionally, when I play the PMTA, I find myself no longer suffering from insomnia. I sleep well and wake feeling refreshed and with a new vitality. The PMTA has helped in many other ways. Overall, it is the best CD in my collection, and I would be lost without it now. Your music has captured the essence of the Cosmos. Very inspiring and uplifting.

Thank you for the privilege of being given the opportunity to sample your beautiful music.

Linda V., Calilfornia, USA

From the moment I first heard the music on Peter Clerin’s Personal Healing CD, I felt a heavy coat being removed from my body. Then it felt as if my body was racing through water that was cleansing away debris from my past and present life. After I was cleansed, the music shifted and I sensed a divine presence. I found myself opening my hands, palms up, as my soul drank in the energy food it was receiving from the music.

Butterfly-women formed healing symbols with their wings in front of me. I recognized one as infinity. Then an enormous butterfly stood before me with outstretched wings. I realized it wasn’t a butterfly at all. It was an angel. The angel enfolded its wings around me in a divine embrace.

I saw people in my life that had passed on coming forward towards me from behind the angel as if to say they were still present. Soft clouds formed with patches of blue sky as I descended back down from wherever I was. Plumbing problems and landscape issues that were a burden the day before no longer were and I knew everything would be dealt with today from a state of grace.

Peter Clerin’s music took me to a different place and brought me back in a different state of mind. Thank you Peter from the depths of my heart.

Janice A. Stork, Astrologer, Gold River, California, USA


Front Cover-TMPA-PMTA-Peter ClerinHOW IT WORKS ?


The Personalized Musical Therapy of Archangels (PMTA) is composed of three parts; each part plays a different role.




The song that plays in this first part is “Light”, from the album of the same name.

With my voice, I prepare you to receive the energies of change from the music; you receive the high musical energies by opening your inner light in this important phase of preparation.



The second part is composed especially for you from the theme you have chosen.

It lasts about twenty minutes; this time is essential for the energy carried by the music as it permeates your subtle body and acts effectively.

The length of the music will help to re-code your cells and increase the vibratory rate of your DNA.



The song that plays in this last part is “Raphael,” from the “Light” album. The song is played, with my voice, to help complete the work of inner transformation.

I conclude with a brief message from Archangel Raphael to fulfill the integration of musical energy in you.


The music is created from your vibration on the theme of your choice.

  • Each time you listen to your album, the musical energy will touch you as a channel of blessing.
  • It will work on the origin of the limitations that prevents your wellbeing.

This working fluid increases your inner energy to:

  • Transport you to a state of unconditional love
  • Help alleviate your suffering
  • Calm your mind
  • Transform your body’s cells
  • Improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Which brings you peace and inner harmony

Its benefits increase with use...

  • The more you listen to your album…
  • The more beneficially it is for you.

The Personalized Music of Archangels

Be generous with yourself …