With Peter Clérin

With Peter Clérin


I propose with Spiritual Hypnosis to help you plan for a better life.

It will then be easier for you to communicate with your Spiritual Guide daily.


This Semi-Conscious Hypnosis will help you to find yourself and give you back Mastery of Your Life.

You alone are the MASTER of YOUR Life.

I will serve as your guide; however, you will be the actor of your movie (the session) to become the observer in Your Reality.

You will become more aware of your daily life, the life where you will live, and not merely survive.

Duration of the session: 2 hours / On appointment: peteclerin@yahoo.com

What Are the benefits of this meeting?

  • To Work on the Spiritual Level
  • To Develop a Trusting Connection with your Spiritual Guide
  • To Connect with Confidence to the Faculties, buried Within You, that Want to be Solicited

I Accompany You to Help You to:

  • Awaken your Consciousness to the Spiritual World. It has been a part of  Your Life since your Birth, without your Knowing it or Being Aware of it.
  • Understand the Importance of your Life, on Earth, in Connection with your Spiritual Guides of the Invisible World.

This Experience that I Invite you to Live with Me is a Unique Opportunity to Trace this Wonderful Path and Harmonize your Earthly and Spiritual Life in order to Flourish, thus, Deploying your Full Potential.

Hypnosis Session on Zoom, Skype or other.

You can contact me by email : peteclerin@yahoo.com


Peter Clérin knew how to put me in confidence, to allow me the greatest of journeys, to the heart of myself … His pedagogical approach allowed me to understand well what I was about to live and what I had lived like no one else could have done it!
With Peter, I was able to grasp the elusive and understand myself better, know myself better, to better understand the world around me and my interaction with it.
Peter made me feel better and hence shine this happiness around me. I will be forever grateful to him and recommend him to everyone!
Samuel S. (24 ans), Québec (QC)

We had the opportunity to follow several hypnosis sessions with Mr. Peter Clérin. During each of these sessions, we were able to appreciate his professionalism, his attentiveness and his respectful approach, which greatly facilitate contact.
All these attributes that Mr. Clérin knows how to demonstrate have enabled us to obtain more than satisfactory results, which we can benefit from throughout our lives. We will not hesitate to call on Mr. Clérin’s services again if needs arise in the future.
Lisette Daigle et Denis Bouchard, Québec (QC)

Extraordinary experience of introspection and self-discovery! Fabulous tour of the invisible worlds! Touching reunion with deceased relatives … A thousand times thank you for these wonderful sessions

Chantal B.

For me these sessions were very beneficial. It’s easier to focus. I feel stronger and I know I’m not alone because I have a whole team with me. It opens up to others opportunities. I highly recommend these sessions.
Marilyne N.

It gives me a new light on my life, the difficulties that are present and which I become aware (or become conscious) that I am the creator. I take 100% responsibility and I stopped waiting for the outside world to change. I choose and I change from my inner world to the outside! I take back my power as the creator of my life.

Marie Andrée G.

For me this world has always been there and confirms to me that it is there. I am one with this world. I find the keys to protect myself. I took more confidence and it gives me the vision that everything around me is like a movie. We created all this and should not be afraid to do what we want the most. I discovered that my strength is to help animals and people without letting them know because it is my heart that guides me. This is the most powerful key of our body. Thanks again.
Diane H.

This experience allows me to live a real letting go in confidence, to communicate with %22departed%22 loved ones who agree to accompany me on this inner journey, to meet Beings of light who illuminate my path and give me tools to live better and to agree to contact my inner child in Joy, Play and Love! I learn where I relearn who I really am in laughter and Heart! This is a door to well living the connection of visible and invisible worlds! Infinite gratitude!

Hélène M.