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Peter Clérin and Diane Boucher

Peter Clérin

Musician / Composer / Alternative Hypnosis Master / Spiritual Reiki Master Teacher

Very early in my life, I wondered about the meaning of my presence on earth. After discovering that I had a natural talent for music, I started to meditate and it was then that my spiritual quest began.

I have also experimented with different energy transfer techniques, including Spiritual Reiki, which still inspires me today in my musical compositions.

For several years, I have used spiritual hypnosis to explore the universe of past lives and the spiritual realm. Then I had the privilege of following a course at the Transe-Formation Hypnosis Academy where I obtained my Masters in Alternative Hypnosis.

It is therefore with great joy thatI am sharing my knowledge with you so that you too can benefit from the advantages of the different tools I am offering you.

Diane Boucher

Author / Teacher / Lecturer / Spiritual guide


Since birth, I don’t see, hear as most mortals. I don’t distinguish the details of the faces no more than I understand dialogues of great complexity. However, I see the auras, entities and deceased people and I hear messages from the beyond.

Speaker and teacher, I use the gifts of mediumnity and clairvoyance that I received at birth to help Gaia (Mother Earth), as well as to allow human beings to enlighten their spiritual journey and to regain all the splendor of their inner light.

With love and in all simplicity, I accompany you so that you can find YOUR POWER and regain awareness of your Divinity. Guided by my feelings as well as by my Spiritual Guides, I take you to the depths of your being so that you can see all the potential that lies within you as well as your great inner beauty just waiting to shine through.